Diving Activities for Groups in Nosy Be, Madagascar

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Our diving center is located just a few steps away from the Emeraude Lodge Hotel

Imagine waking up in your cozy hotel room, being caressed by the rays of the sun rising over the enchanting coast of Madagascar.

Your underwater adventure begins as soon as you open the door, thanks to our diving center located right next to the hotel.

On the beach of Ambarihonko, in the northwest of Nosy Be, you will discover a quiet green area, ideal for relaxing before and after dives.

Getting to us is a breeze!

Book a direct flight from Warsaw or with a stopover from Katowice, Krakow and Poznan.

Dives and Excursions in Nosy Be

What activities do you want to organize with your group?

Our passion for the underwater world is reflected in attention to detail and a commitment to offering extraordinary experiences. All dives and excursions are led by experienced guides and instructors who know the local waters and lands thoroughly, ensuring the safe guidance of divers through unique and unforgettable adventures.

Coastal Dives

Beyond the coastline, where the ocean's blue takes on a mysterious hue, a unique underwater paradise unfolds in the shallow depths of Madagascar, colorful and rich in life

Wreck Dives

Diving in wrecks is a fascinating and engaging experience, perfect for sharing in a group while tracing the submerged history in the Madagascar Ocean

Ocean Dives off the Mozambique Channel

These underwater treasures transform the diving experience into a journey through coral landscapes that seem to have come from a dream

Night Dives

Explore the mystery of the depths with night dives in Nosy Be: a journey under the moonlight, where marine life comes alive in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, offering a unique spectacle among sparkling corals and curious creatures in the Indian Ocean.

Exploratory Dives

Away from conventional tourist routes, exploratory dives take passionate divers to still unexplored places, allowing a deeper connection with the marine environment.

Nosy Tanikely Marine Park

The underwater wonder of Nosy Tanikely: a protected marine paradise boasting exceptional biodiversity, three unique coral reefs, and breathtaking underwater landscapes, perfect for an unforgettable diving adventure in the Indian Ocean

Beyond Diving...

Excursions to the Archipelago Islands

The Nosy Be archipelago is a land of island treasures, each offering unique and unforgettable experiences. Excursions to surrounding islands, such as Nosy Iranja, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Fanihy, Nosy Tanikely, and Nosy Komba, represent an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and fascinating culture of this Malagasy region.

Each island offers a distinct experience, promising unforgettable adventures for anyone with a desire to explore the authentic heart of this Malagasy archipelago.

All the comfort of accommodation in one of the best hotels in Nosy Be combined with the wonder of diving activities that will take you to discover one of the most characteristic and pristine islands of Madagascar

Marika Scarso
Marika Scarso5/5 - 3 months ago
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When you leave for Madagascar, you definitely expect an extraordinary experience, and it actually turns into the most beautiful of your life. You are literally fascinated by everything around you... the culture, the kindness of the people, the places, but above all, the untouched nature... My experience in Africa wouldn't have been the same without my travel companions, but above all, without Tea and Max, the guys from Our Ocean Diving, to whom I owe a special thanks. Thanks to them, I had the opportunity to see turtles, humpback whales, whale sharks, lemurs, and all the wonders of the place... but above all, I had the chance to experience my first dive, overcoming my own limits! With their kindness, patience, and professionalism, everything becomes possible! I hope to visit them again soon 🤍
Nicoletta Polidori
Nicoletta Polidorirecommends Our Ocean Diving Center (2023)
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Our Ocean Diving Center is the right place! They organized diving and excursion packages of any kind on land and at sea, so I recommend it to everyone. For divers, it's invaluable to have the hotel and diving center in the same place. Max Campo and Tea Parisi are serious, precise, and attentive professionals who assess every risk, level, and customer's needs. Besides this, they are wonderful people with whom you can have dinner, exchange chats, and discussions on everything, not just about diving, so come here... an unforgettable vacation.
Christian Silvestri
Christian Silvestri5/5 - 4 months ago
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It's hard to describe the feeling of welcome we received... maybe it's the Mora Mora mood they convey, maybe it's the care they put into having the equipment ready for each diver on the boat every day, which is by no means taken for granted... maybe it's that they manage to remove every thought from your mind so you can focus only on the reason that brought you there... Relax & Diving... we were never left to ourselves, always under control and ready for any contingency, Max and Tea Frank and Dada are super operative both in and out of the water, giving you the opportunity to fully experience the trip and completely disconnect from routines!! Thanks guys Good Dive & Mora Mora 4ever

Why Choose Us?

We are among the very few in Nosy Be to offer you the convenience of a hotel located just a few steps from our diving center.

This strategic location allows you to maximize your time dedicated to dives and group activities, minimizing travel and optimizing associated costs..

Organizing group activities during your vacation becomes a breeze. The proximity between accommodation and the diving center allows easy planning of group activities, excursions, and collective dives, improving group cohesion and coordination ease.

Our integrated structure offers a complete range of services, from comfortable accommodation to underwater activities and excursions. This synergy allows us to offer you a unique and worry-free experience, having everything you need at your fingertips.

Ideal for groups wanting...


A comprehensive service offering, from quality accommodation to guided dives, creating an all-in-one solution for a hassle-free vacation


Proximity between accommodation and diving center to simplify the planning of group activities, excursions, and collective dives


Avoid long journeys, allowing optimization of costs and dedicating more time to underwater and surface exploration activities


A team of highly qualified guides and instructors to ensure safety and an unparalleled underwater experience


Conduct exploratory excursions to less frequented places, enjoying the opportunity to discover new corners of the underwater world


The ability to customize the itinerary based on individual preferences, ensuring that each participant fully enjoys every single experience


Ease of coordination for group activities, creating a more cohesive and shared experience among participants

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